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Feeling run down? Stessed?

Or just not your normal self?


On offer are a wide range of services

Reiki for you


We are at our best when our life force flows easily through our bodies. Reiki is a gentle yet strong healing modality that helps to achieve this. Available as in-clinic or distance sessions.

Crystal healing for you

Crystal Healing

Crystals provide a gentle healing energy that can be used to cleanse your etheric body and balance chakras.

Reiki for your pet

House & Pet Reiki

Reiki is great at cleansing & blessing the space you live in. Its also excellent for your furbabies - large or small.

Psychic Development & Reiki Attunements

Workshops & Attunements

Do you want to learn to see and feel energy? Keen to become a reiki practitioner yourself?

Angel card readings

Angel Card Readings

Angel Card readings can offer you advice and insight into any questions you may have.

Gift vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Want to give the gift of reiki to someone you love?


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'I have struggled over the past two years with a persistent ankle injury. Numerous visits to the doctor, physiotherapist and chiropractor all showed no physical injury but I dealt with pain and lack of mobility on a daily basis. After my second session with Carita, something in my ankle had been released and I have not had a problem since. I now see Cartia to maintain my physical and emotional health. She is caring, gentle and nurturing. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me.'


I have been seeing Carita for a few sessions of reiki healing and Angel Card readings and would highly recommend her as being a highly gifted healer and sensitive, intuitive person. In this time, I have gained so much and felt more at peace with things in my life. I have also taken several friends for their own sessions and they have all raved to me about their sessions.


I'd hurt my left knee a few years before and despite physiotherapy treatment, something still felt twisted and painful, and just wouldn't come right. About a year ago Carita worked on my knee with Reiki, during which I distinctly felt sensations inside the knee. After the session my knee felt different, like something had been released. In the next few weeks my knee returned to normal and painless functioning. I highly recommend Reiki with Carita.


We had been living in a house for about 6 months, when out of nowhere my son started crying that there were ghosts in my bedroom and refused to come into my room. The crying of ghosts in my room went on for weeks and he was terrified of my bedroom. Carita did a distance Reiki session on my son and the change was immediate. From that day on he has been calm, happy to go into my bedroom and has never mentioned ghosts.


I first went to Carita because I was feeling run down and found it exhausting to be around people. The Reiki sessions have improved my physical and mental well being and Carita's willingness to share her knowledge about energy protection has helped me enormously at work.


I've come to Carita for full Reiki sessions (including distance), house cleansing, angel card reading and cord cutting sessions. Her Reiki sessions are the most powerful ones that I've experienced, I have never felt so out of body like I have in hers, she makes you feel very comfortable and I can't even explain how amazing and refreshed you feel after. Carita has always made time for me and my questions, she is very caring and passionate about Reiki and it's healing abilities.


About Reiki in Drummoyne

Do you feel run down? Stressed? Just not your normal self? Overwhelmed by other people? Reiki can help. You may be energetically sensitive and not even know it. Reiki in Drummoyne, in Sydney's inner west, will help you get back to your happy, healthy self.