Energy Healing

Select an option below to view details including concession rates (indicated by *). Times below include a few minutes of discussion & debrief before and after your healing session. Disclaimer available here

Initial consultations consist of a basic healing session + 30min consult to allow me to determine the best approach for you and to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Basic Session (60 min)


    Our most popular booking is the Basic Session. It goes for 60 mins in total of which approximately 45mins min is hands on healing. In this session Carita focuses on balancing and restoring your 7 major chakras using a mix of reiki & other healing energies along with a few crystals. It's perfect if you have never had reiki before or are a regular looking to maintain your health and well being.

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    Adult $100
    To receive discount you must be be a child/present your Student ID card/present your seniors card.
  • Full Session (90 min)


    During this session Carita balances and restores your chakras and energy body using reiki, crystals and other healing energies. The longer appointment time allows for greater healing time and an opportunity to explore ailments in greater detail including any past life causes. Depending on your needs it may also include other healing tools such as crystal singing bowls. This session is perfect if you have a physical problem that needs investigating or some other more serious issues to deal with.

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  • Deluxe Session (120 min)


    The Deluxe Session offers healing and intuitive guidance. Extensive crystal grids are placed on and around you to aid in magnifying the reiki and healing energies that are brought in for you. This session also includes a short angel/oracle card reading which provides greater insight. All this results in an amazing healing experience. Please allow up to 2hrs in total for this appointment.

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  • Distance Energy Healing Session


    This option is great if you can't get to the clinic or it's for your pet. Ideally it's better to arrange an agreed time and so that you can relax & lie down for 1hr while Carita sends you the energy.

    Carita's distance sessions use a mix of reiki, other healing energies and crystal grids. After the session you'll receive a photo of the crystal grid created during your session and a a debrief of what was discovered, removed & healed including any messages/guidance (either via phone/video/email). More information is available on the Distance Energy Healing FAQ page

    Payment can be made via paypal or direct debit. New distance clients should book at least 2 days prior to their first treatment to allow payment to go through. Subsequent sessions can be arranged with as little as a few hours notice depending on availability.

    crystal grid

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  • Pet Reiki Session

    From $70

    Pets are a wonderful part of our lives. One of the key health benefits of having a pet is that they help reduce stress. What you may not know is that they do this by energetically taking on our issues. Sadly they are not always able to dispose of that energy and so their own mental and physical well being suffers. Reiki can assist pets by clearing any negative build up and supporting their bodies to maintain a healthy balance. Reiki is also excellent to help your furbaby recover from trauma - be it illness, surgery or if it's a rescue pet.

    A Reiki session for a pet can be performed one on one or via distance Reiki. Exact price dependant on travel requirements [$50 + $1.40 per km of travel (one way)]. Please phone, text or email me if you would like a quote.

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Home/Office clearing

Clear away negative energy from your home

Are weird things happening at your house? Is it a magnet for negativity? Are items moving unexpectedly? Or is there just a sense of something else in the house that you'd prefer wasn't there? Negative energy can build up in a space for a variety of reasons resulting in illness, conflict and general uneasiness.

Carita is able to clear spaces of unwanted energies and restore a sense of happiness and calmness to your home/workplace. Using a variety of methods including Reiki, negative energy can be removed from your home or workplace. Your environment can also be protected from future energy problems through the use of crystal grids.

If you are interested in this service, a visit to the premises and a discussion around requirements will determine time and costs. Prices start at $120 per hour + travel (min 1hr call out). But typically this will be enough to cover a 3 bedroom +1 bathroom (or 2bdrm + 2bthrm) place.

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Intuitive Guidance

Angel Card Readings

Dump & Burn

Sometimes you don't need a healing. Sometimes you just need to have a chat with someone outside of your circle and to get rid of the negative energy that is clinging to your aura. Many people find enormous insight when talking with Carita prior to their healing session. Now this service is available seperately. Whether in person or online, Carita offers a non-judgemental ear and a safe place for you to verbalise yourself. She uses her intuitive skills to provide a sounding board for you to literally dump your worries onto her, so she can burn them away. At the end of the session, she'll use a range of techniques to cleanse your aura.

The sessions are $50 per 30min and end with a energetic cleanse helping you to feel more grounded and joyful. Sessions area available in person (on clinic days) or via skype/facebook/phone (any day) by prior appointment. Get in touch to book your online Bump & Burn session or book in to visit in person.

Please note: Carita is not a qualified counsellor or therapist. She uses her intuition to help you to ask the right questions of yourself to help bring about an answer or to see things from a different perspective and have those ah-ha moments. Disclaimer available here

Oracle / Tarot Card Readings

Subscribe to Carita's YouTube channel "The Galactic Elemental" for your free monthly and weekly oracle / tarot readings for the collective See latest video here.
Carita uses her intuitive abilities and a range of cards such as Angel Cards to answer your question and provide you with guidance. All readings are $70 per person. Disclaimer available here

Types of readings available

  • Distance readings: These take place via email; you send me your question and I provide you with a detailed report including photos of the cards. Available any day of the week. Payment (in advance) can be made via paypal or direct debit. Enquire about a distance reading using our contact form.

What are Angel Cards?
A number of years ago Doreen Virtue - a world reknowned angel worker - developed Angel Tarot Cards as a way to 'preserve the ancient divination method (of traditional tarot), while using only positive, gentle, and life affirming words and pictures'. Today they are a popular alternative to the traditional tarot deck.

Energy Workshops & Reiki Courses

Psychic Development Training & Reiki Attunements

Anyone can learn to develop their intuitive skills and/or become a reiki practioner. If you are interested in taking your energetic journey to the next level, Carita offers one on one or small group training sessions in the following topics. Classes are small (max 3 people) to ensure each student feels comfortable at each stage of their learning.

  • Energy101 - It all starts with learning about energy and this covers the basics. In this 2.5hr course, you'll learn easy practical ways to see and feel the energy that is all around you. This is a great place to start if you are new to this field. and want to develop your psychic abilities. Topics covered include: What is energy, Understanding Chakras, Identifying your psychic skills, Introduction to working with crystals. These classes are available at any time (with 1 weeks notice). Book your place here.
  • Reiki - Carita is qualified to provide Reiki 1, 2 and 3 (3a Master & 3b Teacher) level attunements and training in both the traditional Usui style and the Tibetan style. It's expected that you would have had a course of 4 treatment sessions with Carita prior to learning Reiki Level 1. Learning to channel Reiki is a deeply healing experience so it's important to make sure you have had some energy healing prior so that you are in a open and receptive state to start with. This will help you to adjust to the shifts that occur in your life after the course. Enquire about learning Reiki

Gift Vouchers, Crystals & Other Goodies

Gift Vouchers

Are you wanting to surprise a loved one with something different? The following items are available for purchase at the clinic or Carita can send them out to you (postage is extra).

  • Gift vouchers are available allowing your loved one to choose what treatment suits their needs best. Gift vouchers can be either emailed to you (in PDF format) or you can pick one up from the clinic (by prior appointment).
  • A select range of crystals and crystal packs designed around a specific purpose such as abundance, love or protection are available for purchase at the clinic.
  • Organic Smudge Sticks (grown just outside Brisbane) are also available at the clinic for $25. Alternatively you can buy direct from the grower at Eartharomas
  • Crystal Essence & Aromatherapy Sprays Handmade by Deniz from Dimensional Healing, not only do they smell aahhhhhmazing but they are incredibly healing and work as intended. There's a selection to pick from to aid in relaxation/sleep, meditation/connecting with the divine, cleansing & protection, restoring love and hormonal balance and overall mood. $30 per bottle.

Get in touch to learn more. Enquire about gift options

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Do you feel run down? Stressed? Just not your normal self? Overwhelmed by other people? Reiki can help. You may be energetically sensitive and not even know it. Reiki in Drummoyne, in Sydney's inner west, will help you get back to your happy, healthy self.