Energy is everywhere and we are all made of it. By tapping into this energy, I am able to tap into your energy and treat you no matter where you are in the world.

If the current world events have you feeling unsafe or anxious and yet you are trying to be brave and put on that 'smiling face', know this: I can help.

I can help you:

  • cope with change
  • feel safe in the turmoil
  • give you clarity of thought so that you know what to do

Basically.... put you back together so that you can be there for your loved ones, to be the calm centre of the storm.

I may be based in Sydney, but I have clients in America, UK, South America and in a number of Autralian cities including Perth, Brisbane, Mackay & Melbourne.

So don't let a little thing like time and space get in the way!

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How can distance energy healing help me?

Because the energy is cleansing and healing , different people seek it out for different reasons. Below are the most popular conditions I've helped people with:

  • Feeling run down, overwhelmed, stressed, negative or blocked/heavy
  • Trouble concentrating, making decisions, creative blocks
  • Past life trauma & night terrors
  • Improve confidence
  • Coping with trauma (eg relationship breakdowns, deaths in the family, abuse)
  • Cope with anxiety and fear in times of crisis
  • Speed up recovery after surgery/injury

See the general FAQ page for more details on energy healing benefits, what reiki is and what light language is.

How is a distance treatment given?

Depending on what help you are looking for, a phone call before hand can be helpful for me to get clear on your needs and understand where you are coming from, but it's not necessary. Some distance healers use skype during the healing session, but I only need to know your name and location to tap into your energy. If you prefer not to speak in person, you can let me know what you need via a text message.

On the day of the appointment, I'll send you a text a few minutes before I start and just after I finish.

I don't use skype or video conferencing during the session, because that allows you to fully relax at home or go about your day. You can be at home in your daggiest clothes or about to board a flight, be at the beach or asleep - it really doesn't matter. From your end there is really nothing much to do other than relax for about 45mins (if you can) and allow yourself to be open to receive the healing. During this time I use a mix of Light Language & Reiki, and sometimes crystals to tap into your unique frequency and restore balance to your system. Sometimes oracle and tarot cards are used to gain clarity on what is the root cause of your issue is and any advice that may come through.

  • NOTE: Ideally - you want to be able to arrange a time where you are able to relax or do something peaceful. This is because receiving the healing energy can make you feel light headed or sleepy during the session. So it's great if you are NOT driving, using machienery or being very busy.

After the session you have the option to either have a chat with me about what was discovered, removed & healed including any messages/guidance. Or alternatively you can receive an email with all the information in it. Regardless photos will be sent to you of any crystal grids, tarot cards etc.

After the session/when you wake up, it's important for you to have a glass of water.

What does a treatment feel like?

Everyone experiences energy healing differently but most find it deeply relaxing and many drift off to sleep. Some report a sensation of running water flowing through their bodies or being surrounded in a glowing loving light or sparkles; others report seeing colours, feeling sensations of heat or cold, having mystical experiences and visions; and some experience a feeling of heaviness as their muscles relax and all tension leaves; occasionally they don’t 'experience' anything at all but feel better in the hour following treatment.

What can you expect in the days following a treatment?

It varies from person to person but typically, you’ll sleep incredibly well that night and within 1 – 3 days you’ll feel refreshed and have a brighter, more positive outlook and feel balanced, grounded and whole within yourself. People often report they are better able to cope with stress, deal with change and embrace uncertainty.

As your therapist, I follow up with you a day or two after your first session to make sure you're doing ok. It can take a couple days for the body to integrate the healing so during that time it's important to be gentle with yourself. If you have any concerns about what you experience in the days after your treatment please get in touch with me.

How do you make the most out of a session?

Ideally you want to be able to lie down and fully relax during this time or do something relaxing and peaceful (eg knitting, painting, reading).After a healing session, drink plenty of water for the rest of the day and if possible do not have any alcohol or illicit drugs for 24hrs.

Regular on going sessions help to keep the negative energetic build up (which we accumulate in our daily lives) to a minimum and is a preventative measure against future illness. Infrequent healing sessions, although still effective, results in a slower process of healing. If you are looking for deep healing and change in your life, I recommend doing 4 sessions about 1 week apart to start with. And after that you'll be in a position to know how often your body reqiures additional energetic support. The frequency of that can vary from fortnightly to once very couple of months - but your body will tell you that.

It's alot like going to the gym - you can't go once and expect to be fit for the rest of your life. Regular sessions get the best results. To help maintain your health I recommend watching some of my healing videos available on my YouTube channel.

So even if you are unable to visit me in person due to illness, disability, self-isolation/quarantine or because you are travelling overseas, or you just don't have time - that is not a problem. You can still maintain your sense of self so that you "don't let the muggles get you down".

How do I book a session?

Remote sessions are available most days of the week 9am - 9pm. Visit the booking page to book and pay using a secure gateway (accepts all major credit and debit cards).

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Do you feel run down? Stressed? Just not your normal self? Overwhelmed by other people? Reiki can help. You may be energetically sensitive and not even know it. Carita's Reiki, in Sydney's inner west, will help you get back to your happy, healthy self.