Galactic Elemental Blog

As my journey evolves I am expanding my business to include eLearning & educational articles as well as sharing a blog I started over 10 years ago.

This blog started as a way for me to document the weird experiences I was having. I share it now to help others experiencing a spiritual awakening or are seeking to develop their psychic skills. The metaphysical world is so vast with so much yet unknown, I write these posts with the knowledge I have at that point in time. I’m sure as I evolve, grow & learn my ideas will shift as well.

I would love you to come on the journey with me over at my new website


About Reiki in Drummoyne

Do you feel run down? Stressed? Just not your normal self? Overwhelmed by other people? Reiki can help. You may be energetically sensitive and not even know it. Carita's Reiki, in Sydney's inner west, will help you get back to your happy, healthy self.