When you know how to look after and use them crystals can help you to loose weight, attract abundance, relieve muscle aches, protect yourself from negative people and energy, build confidence, attract love into your life, heal trauma and so much more!

Crystals are quiet achievers.  Many people admire them for their beauty and don't realise that they are actually surprisingly powerful tools to help us.  Crystals are living things - they just exists in a very slow way compared to our own level of being.  In the same way that some insects live in a much faster way compared to our own lives.  Different crystals have different properties and are great energy conductors.  Their capacity to magnify energy is why crystals are used in watches (Quartz watches anyone?), computers, lazers and barcode scanners to name just a few.

Which crystal do I need?

Crystals for protection

If you need a crystal for a particular purpose, research which crystal will be best for you. A simple Google search using  "[insert your issue here] + crystal" will return many websites that will list off all the crystals that are best suited to your needs.  Or just listen to your gut instinct, go to a crystal shop and see what you get attracted to for no apparent reason.  Just go with it.   Trust that you're body knows what it needs. If you are serious about crystals I recommend investing in 2 books - The Crystal Bible Volume 1 & Volume 2 by Judy Hall.

These 3 crystals shown above - Amethyst, Black Tourmaline and Hematite - are a great combination for cleansing and protecting your own energetic field from negative energies from people and electrical devices as well as keeping you grounded and giving you mental clarity. A great combination for the workplace.

How to pick the right crystal

At the crystal shop (or even when browsing online) you'll find that you are drawn to one or two particular crystals more than others. A useful tip in a crystal shop is to close your eyes, hold your hand out over the crystals and feel the energy that is coming off them (if any)..let your hand guide you to the right crystal.  It may not be the biggest or prettiest but that doesn't matter.  You'll find that you are attracted to the one that is meant for you.

When you first bring your crystal home - the deep clean.

When you first get your crystal you need to clean it from any energetic residue and programming it may have from previous human contact. Crystals are like sponges and they will absorbe the energy from anyone who has touched it. You want to clear this away before you start using them for your own healing - even jewellery. There are lots of different ways to clean crystals using the elements of nature such as wind/air, fire, water & earth, along with the sun/moon and plants. The most important aspect when cleansing your crystals is your intention. Crystal respond to your intention so when ever you need to clean a crystal visualise that the process you are using is removing any unwanted energies.

This page describes the methods I use to cleanse crystals but you can always google for other methods.

When I first bring a crystal home - there are two options (this is not an exact science but its a good rule of thumb) :

  1. If the name of the crystal ends in 'ite' (eg selenite, hematite, laboradite) - these shouldn't be exposed to water much as they eventually dissolve/loose their shine. To cleanse these crystals I cover them in rock salt for a period of 24 hours. I place them in a glass bowl with a layer of salt at the bottom, then carefully place the crystals into the bowl ensuring there is space between them and so they are not touching each other, then I cover them in more salt until they are not visible. The salt absorbs the energy that they might of picked up from other people. After 24 hours, dig out your crystals and throw out the salt. Do not use the salt in your cooking as those energies that were removed from the crystals will only be released into your food.
  2. If the name of the crystal does NOT end in 'ite' (quartz, citrine, amethyst) - these are fine with either the above or you can expose these quite safely to water. To cleanse these, fill a bowl with as pure water as you can get (not tap water) - rain water or some shop bought purified water is great. To this add a table spoon of rock salt (and as an optional extra to remove dirt and oil add a teaspoon of vinegar). If you have access to it sea water is best. Leave the crystals in this water for 24 hours, rinse clean and depending on the dirtiness of crystal you can brush them clean. Then allow them to dry.

I prefer to place them out under the full moon to be recharged before I use them, but if you can't wait that long that's alright they are OK to use.

Another option which I occasionally do is to bury the crystals in the ground from one full moon to the next (ie one month). Important things to remember when doing this are:

  • Don't bury them into potting mix/shop bought soil as this has been treated
  • Bury them in ground soil - even if you dig some up to use in a pot into which you place your crystals
  • If you choose to bury them into the actual ground - mark the place so you don't forget AND also place the crystals into some sort of open weave bag or pot that allows the earth to come into contact with them but so that they don't start to dig themselves back down into the earth. (Also read "What else should you know" further down this page.)

Connecting with your crystal

I always feel that you get so much more out of anything (people, animals or crystals) when you connect with them first. To connect with your crystal, sit quietly holding them in your lap/palm as appropriate. Imagine going inside the crystal or visualise your energy mixing with that of the crystal. Each crystal has a crystal spirit that lives inside it - try and connect to it by talking with it, giving thanks that they have come into your life.

Programming a crystal is the next step if you want to use the crystal for something in particular. Each type of crystal is designed to help in particular areas so do your research and work with the crystals inherent attributes instead of against them. For example, don't use a Rose Quartz (which is for love) to bring about mental clarity (which would be hematite). I recommend spending some time formulating the precise wording of your intention before you even start to connect with your crystal. Afterall if you can't be clear on what you want - how can the crystal?! Once you have made a connection with the crystal, state your intention clearly. You may like to repeat the intention a few times to set it in stone (HA! see what I did there:)). You'll know when it has been set. Trust your gut/intuition.

Unlike most other crystals which have strenths in particular areas (eg Citrine for abundance), Clear Quartz has no set 'purpose' - it is literally clear. This allows you to programme it to do what ever you need it to.

Ongoing maintenance

Because they are like sponges, if you use crystals for a purpose they need regular cleansing. You don't need to do a massive cleanse like when you first bring them home, a mini cleanse will be fine.

Below are some options for regular cleansing:

  • Pass the crystal through the smoke of a white sage incense stick or a smudge stick.
  • Rinse under a tap and visualise the water washing away all the built up energy it has collected (even better is to use rainwater)
  • Expose the crystal to a high frequency noise such as tibetan cymbols, bells, tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, etc.
  • Other crystals - some crystals don't need cleansing and can clean other crystals. If you have a large amethyst or clear quartz cluster (or a bag of crystal chips) you can place your dirty crystals onto the cluster or in the bag for a day.

How often should you cleanse them?

  • If you wear them as jewellery for a specific purpose clean them once a day or once every two days.
  • As a practitioner I use them for healing clients so I need to cleanse them after each use/client.
  • Crystals that are used around the home should be cleaned monthly.

Recharging Crystals

To recharge crystals place them outside or on a window sill to catch moonlight during a full moon. Sunlight is ok too, but many will fade with prolonged exposure to the sun so moonlight is best. Once you've had them for a while you'll notice that they appear dull when they need to be cleaned and recharged. I'm always amazed by how sparkly my crystals become after a night out under the full moon.

Where can I use them

Depending on the purpose of the crystal in your life and where you want to feel their effects - there are a number of options available to you:

  • keep tumbled stones on your persons (eg in your pockets or for girls in your bra) or as jewellery- that way the energy of the crystals will surround you - be it for protection, love, abundance, confidence, vocal support....
  • in and around your bed - perhaps you are using crystals to receive messages, improve sleep, attract love...I love to have selenite beside my bed and will sometimes put tumbles into my pillow cases. But be warned selenite can also give you active dreams.
  • in a bottle of water - be careful with this as some leach toxins into the water so make sure you research crystal elixirs before making them. I keep a bottle of water in the fridge with a small piece of amethyst and a clear quartz (programmed to suit my needs). If you are not sure how safe the crystal is, you can place the crystal in a glass container (eg test tube or another glass) within the larger body of water and the properties will be transferred through.
  • around the house - crystals that are good for love and protection are great just around the house. Eg at the front and back door.

What else you should know:

  • Crystals will break. This tends to happen when they get full of the energy that they have been absorbing (another reason to regular cleansing). When this happens thank the crystal for its service to you and return it to the earth.
  • They will move about on you - sometimes they will disappear on you and then reappear. They go where they are most needed. Sometimes you might find a crystal will come to you out of the blue and other times, a crystal that you own will want to be with someone else - after a time, you'll find that you'll instinctively feel this from them. Sounds strange I know and I didn't believe it when I first heard it either.
  • An amazing way to cleanse and recharge them is to bury them in the ground for one month (typically from one full moon to the next) but be warned - they may move about once in the ground so unless you put them in a open weave bag or a sieve or some sort of container that allows the earth to come into contact with them but so that they don't dig further down - You will loose them. Crystals come from the earth so they love being back in the ground. Many, once returned to the earth, will start to move towards the crystal ley lines that run through out the earth so if you want to find them again use a container of some sort.

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