Water has the ability to store information which we can use to help heal ourselves. Holy water, Crystal water or Crystal Essences are a form of programmed water.

Did you know that water can be programmed?  Water is like a very flexible computer and it remembers and changes according to its environment. 

You can program water with crystals, words , music, prayer.  Dr Emoto's work on the shape of frozen water crystals after being exposed to various stimuli is a great example of this. The most recent example I've seen was IKEA's Bully a Plant exercise - where people were asked to bully one plant and compliment another for 30 days. The bullied plant got sick, while the other plant thrived..

The idea behind this for healing purposes makes sense because if we are made up of atleast 70% water, by first exposing the water we drink to positive energy, we can in turn have a positive and healing effect on our bodies.

Below I explain ways in which you can create your own energetic water using a variety of methods.

Programming water with words

When everything is energy - it means that we can influence the energy of our surroundings with our thoughts and our words.. This is great because provided you havea clear medium (like pure water) you can effectively programme or influence it's energetic signature by using our intention and either spoken or written words.

All you need is:

  • Water - try to get the best quality water you can.  The more pure it is,  the less pre-programming it has and so it's better able to take on programming from it's environment.  Mineral water and many bottled spring waters aren't great.  I like to buy Pureau water from the major supermarkets as it has all impurities removed, but if tap water is all you got then you may actually find you get more benefit by just wearing crystals.
  • A plain glass container - ideally colourless and if possible no writing / patterns / markings on it.
  • Optional: Pen and paper

Poor some water into your glass or bottle.

Next step is to expose your water to the positive vibrations of your thoughts or words. You can do this by holding the water and speaking to it/blessing it/giving thanks/say a prayer over it. Or you can write down the qualities you are seeking the water to provide you with (for example: strength, wisdom to know x, courage to do y, joy for life). Pop that piece of paper under your glass/bottle.

Leave it overnight and drink in the morning.

I like to do both - I'll write a key word or two on some paper. Pop it under the glass, then gently placing my hands around it, I give thanks for it and also ask the universe to programme the water with XYZ.

This is a quick and easy way to create your own energetic water. What sort of words can you use? What ever you want to bring into your life or release. Whether that be releasing old thought patterns, increasing your sense of self worth, attracting abundance, having courage to do something. You are only limited by your imagination. This is why it's ideal if you can use glass containers that do not have any words/markings already on them to start with because you don't need any additional interference when creating energetic water.

Making Gem/Crystal Water

As you probably know each crystal carries a particular energy signature/vibration which can help us in any number of ways.  You can transfer this healing crystal energy into water very easily.

All you need are:
  • some crystals - if you don't know what crystal to use, research this online. A quick search for say 'crystals good for attracting love' will bring up alot of information. Also make sure your crystals are energetically clean and haven't been handled by other people.  If you need to know how to clean, select and look after crystals, see Making the most out of crystals.
  • Water -see my comment earlier about what water I recommend.
  • Plain glass container - ideally colourless and if possible no writing / patterns / markings on it.
The basic process is:
  • fill your glass with water
  • place crystals in/around water
  • set your intention. I like to hold my glass of water and say a prayer of sorts asking the crystals to impart the properties of x, y, z into the water so that all who drink from it will feel a, b, c. 

Below are a few ways to do this.  

Crystals for protection

The test tube or a glass in a glass method

This is my personal favourite way to create gem water.
I pop my various crystals into a glass test tube, then put that test tube into a glass of water.  I express gratitude for it's gift and say my invocation about what qualitites I'd like the crystals to imbue the water with.
 I leave this to sit for at least 8 hrs (ie over night).  Ideally you want to leave it for 24 hrs but I often forget to do it:)  
I love this method because you only need little crystals and you don't have to worry about whether a crystal is toxic or dirty and likely to leak something  into the water.
If you don't have a test tube you could do this with 2 glass bowls or one large glass and one small glass.

Crystals for protection

A slab of crystal

If you have a flat piece of crystal, you can place your glass on top of it.  Again I'd follow this by holding my hands over the glass of water and saying an invocation about what you want it to do for you or those who drink it.
This is super easy method - and again you don't need to worry about whether the crystal will leach anything into the water.


Crystals for protection

Put the crystals directly in the water

This is easy to do too - obviously.  You literally just drop the crystals into your water.
The issue with this method is you want to make sure your crystals are not only clean from dirt and oils but that they are also safe to go into water.  Many crystals start to dissolve, exude toxins/minerals/chemicals into the water making it unsafe to drink.  Many popular crystals are coated in something, heat treated, dyed, synthetic or artificially joined.
Only do this if you know what you are doing.
Some people are so sensitive that even wearing a crystal as jewellery is irritating..imaging then if they drank that water!!  You could be in a world of hurt.


Crystals for protection

Using pointed crystals

If you have pointy crystals - you can place them on the outside with the points facing towards the glass.  The points direct the flow of energy from the crystal into the water.
This is a safe method but finding pointy crystals isn't always easy/cheap.

Crystals for protection

Using clear quartz pointers

Place a clear quartz pointer with the point facing the glass, and at the end of your piece of quartz place your crystal.  
This is actually an incredibly quick way to charge your water because the clear quartz pointers magnify the crystal energy they are transmitting to the water.  According to sources the water will be ready in just 30mins.

Useful crystal combinations for gem water:

  • mental clarity: amethyst and clear quartz
  • good all rounder: amethyst , rose quartz and clear quartz
  • liberation and forgiveness: mookaite, obsidian and rhodonite
  • harmony with your surrounds: chrysocolla and tourmaline (any variety)
  • happiness and joy for life: opal, sunstone and imperial topaz
  • protection: amethyst, black tourmaline and clear quartz
  • emergency (rescue remedy): obsidian, rhodonite, amethyst and clear quartz.

Give it a go and see how you feel after doing it every day for a week. You may just be suprised.

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