After removing negative energy from your body, space & life - you want to prevent it from building up again. And in doing so you help maintain the effects of any reiki session you've had.

We all know how low it can feel when life just isn't going our way. Arguments, bad luck, a feeling of dred and general uneasiness can all be signs that you have a negative entity/low level energy hanging around you. Once you've cleansed yourself and/or your space, it's important to maintain a level of protection to help prevent it building up again. Learning how to protect yourself energetically is also very useful when spending time with people who leave you feeling drained (known as energy vampires). Energy protection allows you to be near an energy vampire wthout them actually sucking you dry so to speak. Very handy when that person may be a family member or work colleague.

What you can do yourself

There's actually alot that you can do yourself and these are techniques I use myself - there are many more available that a Google search will result in. Go with what feels right for you.

Crystals are great because you can easily keep tumbled stones in your pockets, your bra or as jewelry. Larger pieces can be kept around the house such as near your front and back doors. Below are my top choices:

  • Amethyst - a good all rounder for cleansing and protection.
  • Hematite - great for grounding and protection, dissolves negativity and prevents it from entering the aura. Helps with mental clarity.
  • Black tourmaline - protects against negative energies of all kinds including EMFs from electrical equipment.
  • Smokey Quartz - protects against negative energies of all kinds.
  • Selenite - this is a high vibrational stone connected with the angellic realm. Great for using tCrystals for protectionhe power of angels to help make a space feel safe. Careful if using near bed as it can cause active dreams.
  • Rose Quartz - a stone of love. Great to have around the house to increase kindness and love within the home.

Call in your angels/guides/spirit animals - who ever is special to you - they can only intervene/help when asked. Ask them to protect your physical and energetic body (or space) from anything that is not here for your highest good. Archangel Michael is particularly good to call upon.

There are a number of different visualisations that you can do.

  • A golden shower washing away any negative energy. Then surround yourself in a bubble of white light for protection.
  • Bubble of light - imagine you are surrounded on all sides (inc top & bottom) in a white or pink light.
  • octahedronOctahedron/diamond of white light - this is currently the strongest form of protection I know and what I use during treatments. It combines sacred geometry with the white light of the angels. Instead of surrounding yourself in a bubble imagine yourself inside a diamond of white light (see graphic on right).
  • Surround yourself with golden crosses
  • Surround yourself with mirrors that reflect any negativity back to the sender.
The important thing with the visualisations is that your intention behind it needs to be from a loving place. Afterall - what ever you put out will come back to you tenfold.

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