The biggest underlying cause of many problems is negative energy. Reiki is a powerful cleansing energy that eliminates negative energy from people, places and things. But there are also things that you can do yourself at home.

People, places and even things can have negative energy attached to them. When a person comes into contact with the item, the negative energy can attach itself to that person. A low energy entity can result in self doubt, depression, illness, bad tempers/arguments, bad luck/continuous problems, stress etc. The negative energy feeds off the negative thoughts and behaviours that start to occur in your life and so the cycle continues.

What you can do yourself

Although regular sessions with a healer will remove negative energies from your body and aura, there's actually alot that you can do yourself. The following are some suggestions that you can do to help clear away unwanted energy and look after yourself between healings. These are techniques I use on myself and in my practice - there are many more available that a Google search will result in. Go with what feels right for you.

CrystalsCrystals for protection
My personal preference is to use crystals for energy protection more than for the removal of negative entities. But they are convenient so I've mentioned them here too. Below are my top choices:

  • Amethyst - a good all rounder for cleansing and protection.
  • Hematite - great for grounding and protection, dissolves negativity and prevents it from entering the aura. Helps with mental clarity.
  • Black tourmaline - protects against negative energies of all kinds including EMFs from electrical equipment.
  • Selenite - this is a high vibrational stone connected with the angellic realm. Great for using the power of angels to help make a space feel safe. Careful if using near bed as it can cause active dreams.

Incense/Smudge sticks Incense for protection
The use of smoke to clear away negative energy is known as 'smudging'. Any incense will do but White Sage is especially good for cleansing negative energy. When you get home from work, go around yourself with a lit incense stick. Let the smoke cover you.

For larger spaces (or a more thorough cleanse) use a Smudge Stick. These are bundles of dried White Sage leaves available from many alternative stores or health food shops. In my clinic I sell organic Australian made Smudge Sticks. I also have Smudge Sticks specifically designed to not only cleanse negativity but to also attract positive energies (using other dried herbs) - see below right. If you don't have access to Smudge Sticks you can do a good cleanse of an area by burning one incense stick a day for 3 days in a row. Smudging is also great after an illness or large argument as these energies can stay in the room.

How to smudge: Smudge Sticks
Regardless of which you choose, walk around each room of the house with the incense/smudge stick ensuring the smoke gets into all corners. Have a window or door open and slowly work your way around the house towards that open window/door - as if you are herding the negative energy towards the opening. As I do this I ask my angels and guides to remove any negative and fear based energy and replace them with loving energies.
Allow the incense to burn out in a suitable holder or if you are using a Smudge Stick put it out by rubbing it into the earth/sand - don't wet it. Also you may like to use a bowl of some sort under it to catch any falling ash or a feather to sweep the smoke around the room.

Tibetan bells & bowls, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks or another high frequency sound is good for cleansing a space. Take bells, forks or small bowls into the corners of each room. If you have a large bowl you can just place it in the center of the room and play it from there. If you don't have access to these - try playing an audio track of these intruments from a CD, YouTube or similar.

Candle light
Light a white candle and take it to each corner of a room. As you do so ask that all negative energies be removed and replaced with loving/positive enegeries.

A small bowl of rock salt in the centre of a room is an easy way to remove negative energy from a space. Leave the salt for a week, then throw it out (do not use it). You don't need to use fancy salt, normal rock salt that you can buy from the supermarket is fine.

Call in your angels/guides/spirit animals - who ever is special to you - they can only intervene/help when asked. Ask them to help you clear the space/you. I like to ask that they clear all fear based energies from the space in all dimensions and bring in positive healing energy so that all who enter the space will feel loved, supported and able to live their highest good. Just speak from the heart about what you want removed and what you want to come in. Archangel Michael is particularly good ask to cleanse away unwanted energy.

In my opinion, it's best to seek out a healer for at least one or two sessions to get rid of stubborn entities so that you can start fresh with your own energy cleansing and protection practices.

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