Energy Healing

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Carita uses a mix of Galactic Light Language & Reiki healing energies to restore you. A session can bring clarity, peace, increase energy and release you from limiting and repeating patterns. All sessions are available either in person at the Drummoyne clinic or via distance/remote from wherever you happen to be. Distance sessions recommended for children under 8 and the elderly/sick. Clinic sessions limited to Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday. Distance/remote/online sessions available all other days.

  • Free Healings

    On my YouTube channel I offer free healing videos for the collective. If you have a particular healing video request please get intouch.

    Request a healing video topic.

    Alternatively I'm one of many healers volunteering as part of the Global Remote Healing Network . Submit your request for healing via the website and your case will be assigned to one of many healers all over the world.

  • Initial consult + healing (90min)


    If you have never had a session with Carita before, this is for you. This appointment allows enough time for a healing plus the opportunity to chat about your journey, answer any questions you have, explain her process and what you can expect in the days following treatment.

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  • Quickie Session (60 min)


    Be done in under an hour! Whether it's in person at the clinic or via a distance/remote session, this session is perfect for busy people. The focus here is on the healing but if you prefer to spend the whole hour talking things through I'm ok with that too. If you need equal parts talking and healing - book a Standard Session instead.

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    Adult $110
    To receive discount you must be be a child/present your Student ID card/present your seniors card.
  • Standard Session (90 min)


    The most popular. This session allows us time to be flexible with your needs. Whether you need more time to talk about what's going on for you or more energy healing time, we have 90mins to play with.

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    Adult $160
    To receive discount you must be be a child/present your Student ID card/present your seniors card.
  • Deluxe Session (120 min)


    A full 2 hrs to dive deep into your being. First an exploration of where you are at and what's been troubling you lately, followed by an extended light language & reiki healing session allowing me to treat more than just the main chakras. Other tools such as tarot cards, crystals and signing bowls may also be used. Finishing up with a post healing debrief.

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  • Personalised Healing Video


    Energy healing works through video and sound just as effectively as in person because it's all about the healing frequency and your intention to receive. If you've enjoyed my healing YouTube videos, request a personalised video. These will be tailored to you (following a 30min consult) and allow you to watch them ondemand when ever you feel the need for some additional energy work. Videos will be uploaded to a private section of YouTube within 48hrs of consult and you'll receive a link. Payment required prior.

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  • Pet Healing Session

    From $70

    Pets are a wonderful part of our lives. One of the key health benefits of having a pet is that they help reduce stress. What you may not know is that they do this by energetically taking on our issues. Sadly they are not always able to dispose of that energy and so their own mental and physical well being suffers. Reiki can assist pets by clearing any negative build up and supporting their bodies to maintain a healthy balance. Reiki is also excellent to help your furbaby recover from trauma - be it illness, surgery or if it's a rescue pet.

    A Reiki session for a pet can be performed one on one or via distance Reiki. Exact price dependant on travel requirements [$70 + $1.40 per km of travel (one way)]. Please phone, text or email me if you would like a quote.

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  • Flower Essence Consult (30 min)


    Flower Essences are a powerful way to support you physically, mentally & emotionally after your energy healing session. Using muscle testing Carita is able to listen to what your body needs and create a custom blend. Price includes one dosage bottle. Additional bottles cost $25/refills $20.

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Home/Office clearing

Clear away negative energy from your home

Are weird things happening at your house? Is it a magnet for negativity? Are items moving unexpectedly? Or is there just a sense of something else in the house that you'd prefer wasn't there? Negative energy can build up in a space for a variety of reasons resulting in illness, conflict and general uneasiness.

Carita is able to clear spaces of unwanted energies and restore a sense of happiness and calmness to your home/workplace. Using a variety of methods including Reiki, negative energy can be removed from your home or workplace. Your environment can also be protected from future energy problems through the use of crystal grids.

If you are interested in this service, a visit to the premises and a discussion around requirements will determine time and costs. Prices start at $120 per hour + travel (min 1hr call out). But typically this will be enough to cover a 3 bedroom +1 bathroom (or 2bdrm + 2bthrm) place.

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Oracle / Tarot Card Readings

Angel Card Readings

Carita uses her intuitive abilities and a range of cards such as Angel Tarot Cards to answer your question and provide you with guidance. Readings are available either in person of via email/phone/online.

Card readings are a fantastic way to get advice on a situation you are currently experiencing or gain some insight about what themes are playing out for you over the next 3, 6 or 12 months. Disclaimer available here

  • 30 min Reading


    A short and sweet session! A great option to cover a couple of questions and explore what is challenging and supporting you.

  • 60 min Reading


    A deeper exploration of what is going on in your life. A chance to explore all areas such as love, life, career and questions you may have about any of these areas.

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Energy Workshops & Reiki Courses

Psychic Development Training & Reiki Attunements

Anyone can learn to develop their intuitive skills and/or become a reiki practioner. If you are interested in taking your energetic journey to the next level, Carita offers one on one or small group training sessions in the following topics. Classes are small (max 3 people) to ensure each student feels comfortable at each stage of their learning.

  • Energy101 - It all starts with learning about energy and this covers the basics. In this 2.5hr course, you'll learn easy practical ways to see and feel the energy that is all around you. This is a great place to start if you are new to this field. and want to develop your psychic abilities. Topics covered include: What is energy, Understanding Chakras, Identifying your psychic skills, Introduction to working with crystals. These classes are available at any time (with 1 weeks notice). Book your place here.
  • Reiki - Carita is qualified to provide Reiki 1, 2 and 3 (3a Master & 3b Teacher) level attunements and training in both the traditional Usui style and the Tibetan style. It's expected that you would have had a course of 4 treatment sessions with Carita prior to learning Reiki Level 1. Learning to channel Reiki is a deeply healing experience so it's important to make sure you are in an energetically healthy state to start with. This will help you to adjust to the shifts that occur in your life after the course. Detailed information on Carita's Reiki courses available here.

Gift Vouchers, Crystals & Other Goodies

Gift Vouchers

Are you wanting to surprise a loved one with something different?

Visit our Gift Shop

  • Gift vouchers are available allowing your loved one to choose what treatment suits their needs best. Gift vouchers can be either emailed to you (in PDF format) or you can pick one up from the clinic (by prior appointment). Call to arrange.
  • Organic Smudge Sticks (grown just outside Brisbane) are also available at the clinic for $25. Alternatively you can buy direct from the grower at Eartharomas
  • Crystal Essence & Aromatherapy Sprays Handmade by Deniz from Dimensional Healing, not only do they smell aahhhhhmazing but they are incredibly healing and work as intended. There's a selection to pick from to aid in relaxation/sleep, meditation/connecting with the divine, cleansing & protection, restoring love and hormonal balance and overall mood. $30 per bottle.


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About Reiki in Drummoyne

Do you feel run down? Stressed? Just not your normal self? Overwhelmed by other people? Reiki can help. You may be energetically sensitive and not even know it. Reiki in Drummoyne, in Sydney's inner west, will help you get back to your happy, healthy self.